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Shall we all sing something new? (by Chris Horricks)

Shall we all sing something new? Shall we all sing something new!?

There is a distinct lack of creativity emerging within football fans. Once a new chant is thought up by some genius lyricist, its only a matter of time before every other group of fans have altered the names mentioned to suit themselves.

When discussing this I always go to the example of Manchester City's "we've got Guardiola" which in itself was taken from 'Glad All Over' which was Crystal Palace's FA Cup final song from yesteryear. Guardiola in place of the original lyric works a treat, as they sound more or less the same when sung on mass. However 'we've got Tony Pulis' doesn't (yes I've had a Bee in my bonnet about this since he was managing West Brom)

The continental ole ole ole song popularised by Liverpool amongst others is particularly bemusing as English fans don't even know what they are singing a parody of, it'd be like Weird Al Yankovic doing a spoof of The Wurzles! Songs that heavily feature profinity and criticism of things that aren't to their liking are abundant whereas funny, original, family friendly chants are few and far between. Sports and football particularly are the last place outside of church where large groups of people sing together, shouldn't there be more originality and celebratory songs than those that demine others.

The womens game is again a different kettle of fish, new and creative songs are sang every time I attend matches. Most recently after each goal of her hat trick in Manchester Citys 10-0 thrashing of Ipswich Becky Park was serenaded with her name sang to the Baby Shark song,something similar is unlikely to happen in the men's game that is often to alpha male to have fun.

by Chris Horricks

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