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38,262 fans in WSL. Let's ride this wave!

I decided to make the journey down to London to see the much anticipated North London derby (said with a thick cockney accent of course) and i'm so glad I did! What a spectacle, what a day out and what a wonderful set of players those two football clubs have.

If i'm honest, the first half wasn't the most thrilling end-to-end football I've ever seen. I think the most shocking element of it was how easily Spurs found it to counter attack. At one point they were allowed in on goal with Zinzberger being forced to make an incredible body blocking save. The second half was a lot more direct and a lot more straightforward. Miedema had been sitting on the last player for the majority of the game but started dipping in to receive the ball and create more space for the wingers to push up. It took the gooners 66 minutes to break through with one of my favourite goals of the season. A lovely bit of play and a wonder-strike from Kim Little and it was the beginning of the end for Spurs. After that they were all over it and finished the game 2-0 with Miedema jumping on a terrible back pass and doing what she does best... smashing it in! A fair result in the end I reckon.

I was lucky enough to get to meet up with some of the players after the game and have a chat with some of the stars of the show... enjoy :)

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