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The Shame of Schadenfreude in football (By Chris Horricks)

Updated: Jun 20

I understand that rivalry and tribalism are ingrained in the football supporter animal but at what cost? Schadenfreude is taking over the beautiful game, albeit this isn't a new phenomenon, its been happening since anyone can remember, however, social media has intensified it. In making the world a smaller place, where before only those at the game would see and hear incidents, Instagram, twitter, Facebook and their ilk bring the chants banners and other stuff to the attention of the rest of the world, thus spreading awareness of it. 

An example being Southampton losing 9-0 at home to Leicester, to the delight of Portsmouth fans who came up with 'scummers(a nickname for their rival Saints) get battered everywhere they go' which via social media reached the masses including Brentford fans who have since adapted ted the chant take joy in Fulham losing. 

Away to West Brom Henrik Dalsgaard scored for the Bees and instantly instead of singing about how good it was that their own team were winning a game, the aforementioned Fulham chant began. It makes no sense, instead of wasting energy on criticism of other teams, why not focus that energy on signing the praises of your own team? Its a beautiful part of the women's game that this doesn't happen and it is better and much more enjoyable to attend games knowing venomous chants that are irrelevant to the game you're watching won't happen. It allows families to enjoy games together which can only bring societies together and given that football is when all is said and done a game the WSL fans and the women's game in general can teach a valuable lesson to some of their male counterparts.

by Chris Horricks

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