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The Signing of the Summer (so far) - 22/07/19

For me, there's been one stand out club in women's football for new signings this Summer and that's Manchester United. Although I hate to admit it, they've been on fire with their choices and spending.

McManus, Earps and Ross are all smart and necessary signings but the stand out has to be Jackie Groenen from FFC Frankfurt. What an acquisition!

Here's why i'm so impressed with MUFCs work:

1. Manchester United are newly promoted into a league with plenty of competition. They've successfully attracted top class players to a club which is going to have to fight to get anywhere near the top. Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal are building a fortress and they don't want anyone getting near. What did Manchester United say to get a World Cup runner up into their famous red kit? Or maybe it was their famous red kit that drove these women to pay attention? Jackie did post a childhood photo of her in a Manchester United kit as a little girl on Instagram shortly after signing...

2. Jackie Groenen is literally just what they needed. If you look at their Championship squad that gained promotion in 18/19 season and assessed their biggest weaknesses you'd be looking in that central pocket. Jackie brings the flair, the Dutch composure and she scores pretty crucial goals in pretty crucial games (flashback to Sweden v Netherlands extra time) - Manchester United's decision wasn't shooting in the dark, this was a calculated and well thought out decision.

So far, for me, there's no signing even close to Groenen to Manchester - come on WSL, get Toni Duggan to Liverpool and I might change my mind...

By Helen Hardy

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